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Discovering the Lord Jesus Christ As He Is Today Part III

Discovering the Lord Jesus Christ As He Is Today Part III


Understanding strongholds is an important step in our quest for truth.The wrong concepts we have developed in our minds can block us from receiving more truth about a subject. The Bible describes these wrong concepts as wrong doctrine. Wrong thinking or doctrines are strongholds that must be identified and then destroyed. The scripture is clear on the “pulling down of strongholds.”

2 Cor 10:4-6(KJV)

What is the casting down of imaginations and every high thing that exalts itself against the knowledge of God? It is throwing down or away anything that is contrary to “God-Breathed Scripture”. This includes what me or anyone else visualizes (imagines) or thinks (human logic) about what a certain scripture is (or scriptures) are revealing.

In order to receive the truth we must be willing to let the authority of God’s Word speak to us because as I Peter 1:20 and 21 states no prophecy of the scriptures is of any private interpretation.

2 Pet 1:20-21(KJV)

What are these strongholds the Bible speaks of ?

History provides an appropriate metaphor. In Medieval times Strongholds were nearly impenetrable defensive structures with thick walls made from mortar and stone. These were castles or fortresses designed to keep opposing forces out. Some strongholds were more elaborately constructed than others and were surrounded by deep moats and high towers from which the watchmen would keep vigilance against any threatening foes. In many instances access could only be made through one entrance across a drawbridge. Once the drawbridge was raised it blocked the only entrance and sealed off the fortress to the outside world.

While under siege the inhabitants within the stronghold often became like prisoners trapped inside this massive structure. Many times a waiting game ensued to see who could persevere. If the opposing forces were able to outlast those locked inside the fortress they would eventually be able to penetrate the stronghold and take over. The only way to eliminate a stronghold like this was to penetrate the fortress by the force of a stronger army.

Biblical strongholds deal with man’s imaginations, ideas, concepts and beliefs and in many ways are similar to these fortresses of mortar and stone. False teachings and non-biblical traditions in Christianity when embraced as Truth are like strongholds. Many times these fortresses of the mind have served to imprison individuals and obstruct the clear understanding of the scriptures regarding Jesus Christ.

Equally detrimental are similar strongholds that have been developed in the minds of those who have been exposed to erroneous teachings opposing and rejecting His Divine nature or His full humanity. The latter only acknowledge and accept His humanity while denying His divine nature entirely. Certain books, teachings, and portrayals which individuals have been exposed to over the years have clouded the truth of knowing Him AS HE IS. All these have served to blur the much-needed clarity concerning the only begotten Son of God.

Unless one has a clear view of both His divine and human natures an individual is most definitely limited in their true and vital relationship with the Lord Jesus Christ and all that springs forth from that blessed relationship.

2 Cor 4:5-7

What is this treasure that is contained in earthen vessels?
It is the knowledge of the glory of God!

How is this treasure of the knowledge of the glory of God given?
It is given in the face of Jesus Christ, which is fellowship with Him AS HE IS!
Where is the truth of AS HE IS found?
The Truth of Jesus Christ As He Is Today is only revealed by Jesus Christ though the scriptures and through intimate fellowship with Him.

In order to discover the truth of AS HE IS we must be willing to pull down strongholds in our mind and seriously and aggressively investigate the scriptures. One must also be willing to practically apply the truth of AS HE IS in their everyday lives. Unless we are willing to commit ourselves to this quest we most definitely will remain ignorant of Whom and What Jesus Christ truly is today.

The Apostle Paul declared in Philippians:

Phil 3:7-10, 14 and 15 (KJV)

Let us be imitators of Paul in his zealous quest to know Jesus Christ in his daily life.

In dealing with the subject of Jesus Christ, (AS HE IS), one must go to the scriptures to discover proof texts regarding both His Divine nature and His complete humanity.
To be continued. . .

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