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The Kingdom Plan of Salvation The Kingdom Race

The True God’s Plan of salvation was designed from before the foundations of the world to create a new race of Kingdom Citizens called out from among “Human Race.” This new race would consist of “new creations” equipped and modeled after His Son Jesus the Messiah.

The father of the Human Race is the first Adam.

The father of the Kingdom Race is the Last Adam Jesus Christ.

The first Adam was earthly and was made a living soul.

The last Adam is the Lord from heaven and is a quickening spirit.

I Corinthians 15:45-48 (KJV)
And so it is written, The first man Adam was made a living soul; the last Adam was made a quickening spirit.
46 Howbeit that was not first which is spiritual, but that which is natural; and afterward that which is spiritual.
47 The first man is of the earth, earthy; the second man is the Lord from heaven.
48 As is the earthy, such are they also that are earthy: and as is the heavenly, such are they also that are heavenly.
49 And as we have borne the image of the earthy, we shall also bear the image of the heavenly.

The Last Adam is from heaven and His image is being created in all who accept Him as Lord.

Galatians 3:27-29(KJV)
27 As many of you as were baptized into Christ have clothed yourselves with Christ.
28 There is no longer Jew or Greek, there is no longer slave or free, there is no longer male and female; for all of you are one in Christ Jesus.
29 And if you belong to Christ, then you are Abraham’s offspring, heirs according to the promise.

In Acts 2:32-33 we see the revelation given to Peter as he preached on the day of Pentecost to all those assembled Jews at the Temple, including those who were instrumental in having Jesus of Nazareth crucified.

Acts 2:32 and 33
This Jesus hath God raised up, whereof we all are witnesses.
33 Therefore being by the right hand of God exalted, and having received of the Father the promise of the Holy Ghost, he hath shed forth this, which ye now see and hear.

While carefully reading verse 33 will learn first of all the spirit reveals to Peter that Jesus is now at the Right Hand of God EXALTED!

This exalted state means that Jesus is now our High Priest present in the Holy of Holes in heaven making intercession for the Saints. This we learn from a hidden book to most Christians today named Hebrews.

Next we learn in Acts 2:33 is this Jesus in this exalted state received (lambanoed) from The Father the Promise of the Holy Ghost. Here we learn that Jesus in His exalted state is the first resurrected, glorified man to receive the Promise of the Father.

Finally we learn that is He Jesus Christ that hath shed forth this which you now see and hear!

As King of His Kingdom he descended from Heaven to declare the Fathers will by not only the preaching of the Gospel of the Kingdom, but also by demonstrating the lifestyle of Kingdom living.

John 3:13-21
13 And no man hath ascended up to heaven, but he that came down from heaven, even the Son of man which is in heaven.14 And as Moses lifted up the serpent in the wilderness, even so must the Son of man be lifted up:
15 That whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have eternal life.
16 For God so loved the world that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.
17 For God sent not his Son into the world to condemn the world; but that the world through him might be saved.
18 He that believeth on him is not condemned: but he that believeth not is condemned already, because he hath not believed in the name of the only begotten Son of God.
19 And this is the condemnation, that light is come into the world, and men loved darkness rather than light, because their deeds were evil.
20 For every one that doeth evil hateth the light, neither cometh to the light, lest his deeds should be reproved.
21 But he that doeth truth cometh to the light, that his deeds may be made manifest, that they are wrought in God.

All are guilty before Almighty God and have sinned and fallen short of the glory of God.

So then who is condemned according to the words of Jesus of Nazareth to Nicodemus?

Those who shrink back from the truth of God’s Plan.

Those who do not come to the Light.

Who or what is this Light?

This Light is Jesus Christ the Light of the world Who is the True Spiritual Light that shines out from the Father!

Hebrews 1: (KJV)
Who being the brightness of his glory, and the express image of his person, and upholding all things by the word of his power, when he had by himself purged our sins, sat down on the right hand of the Majesty on high:

Christ is not a doctrine, or a theology, but the resurrected, glorified, and exalted King of kings and Lord of lords of the Kingdom Race.

The challenge to us is to consider if these things concerning the Kingdom of God are true.

The decision is ours of whether to continue to serve Mammon or learn how to serve God as Kingdom Citizens.


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Jesus Christ’s Main Purpose was to Usher in the Kingdom of God

As believers and followers of the Lord Jesus Christ we have been blessed by His great example to mankind during the days of His flesh when He became one of us and humbly walked amongst humanity.

During this period in history, Jesus of Nazareth, the Son of the living God was the perfect example of how God acts towards mankind. If we want to know how God would act in any situation, we need only to look to Jesus to learn about how He acted in His earthly life. This alone is wonderful to contemplate.

However, if we desire to know how mankind should act towards God, Jesus again provides the example in His manner of living in the Kingdom of God.

The main purpose of Jesus’ life was to illustrate to mankind a better way of living. He came to give us a life which is more than abundant in every sense, if we only will stop and learn from Him. He came to teach us about how to live in the Kingdom of God. He not only preached the gospel of the Kingdom, but He came to teach and show us “HOW” to practically live a Kingdom of God centered life every day.

Today as always the world is searching for the answers to the many things that continue to plague humanity. A few of these world problems are war, hunger, disease, racism, poverty, pollution, political solutions that work and much more. Not many would disagree with wanting to solve these dilemmas.

The Kingdom of God is the only remedy for our world today, and only those who will humble themselves will begin to learn of His ways of living in the Kingdom of God.

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