The information posted are excerpts from a work I am (have been) putting together for some years now. However. I do not feel the timing is right to release the information as a finished work (Book) to the entire public. Hence the Blog,  KingdomLink.

The thesis revolves around the phrase, “Those things concerning the Kingdom of God.”

This phase is the basis for the Ministry of Jesus of Nazareth, the Messiah (Christ), and was also the intention for which the Father sent the Son of the Living God to be born and to “make known” the things concerning the Kingdom of God. I have discovered this was the only thing on the mind of Jesus throughout His earthly ministry. The Kingdom of God is the central theme throughtout the entire books of the Bible!

He was born in Bethlehem, raised in Egypt and Nazareth then ministered in Galilee. He preached the Gospel (Good News) that the Kingdom of God is at hand to the House of Israel. During the final weeks of His life, He ministered in Jerusalem and was totally rejected by the Religious Leaders and Ruling Elders of Israel, who finally had Him put Him to death by crucifixion. Three days later, He rose from the dead and continued forty days to teach His disciples the things concerning the Kingdom of God (Acts 1;1-3).

Looking at the ending verses of the book of Acts (28:16-31) we discover Paul also was teaching the things concerning the Kingdom of God. This phase is used at various times in the book of Acts and in the Church Epistles, indicating the importance placed upon the knowledge of the Kingdom of God as a present day reality to the believers.

In the beginning of the Lord Jesus’ ministry, we read in the Sermon on the Mount, that He speaking as the King, taught the disciples the Beatitudes of how to live in the Kingdom of God. Notice these are BE ATTITUDES and not DO ATTITUDES, The difference being, these were not Laws to be kept in order to become a Kingdom Citizens, but the Attitudes needed in order to live as a citizen in the Kingdom of God.

Without getting into all of the eight beatitudes , a quick glance at the first one is necessary to understand what is meant by the BE ATTITUDES:

“Blessed are the poor in spirit: for theirs is the Kingdom of God” (Matt 5:3). This “poor in spirit” is the attitude of a true follower of Jesus of Nazareth. This is the opposite of arrogance or a haughty attitude. True humility and not arrogance is the manner in which Jesus lived and served those around Him during the days of His flesh. This is the first requirement of the Kingdom of God, or this is the attitude one must have in order to begin to live and be a vital citizen in the Kingdom of God.

Today this Kingdom of God is not yet manifest in the material or physical realm, it is a spiritual Kingdom replete with Kingdom Blessings and Rewards for those who will learn “how” to live as a Kingdom citizen bringing glory to God and not to them.

This helps define the quest we at kingdomlink are on. This quest is to investigate the scriptures in order to accurately discover what Jesus of Nazareth taught about the things concerning the Kingdom of God.  In discovering the basis of True Christianity we may begin to learn and live in simple obedience to His instructions, giving Glory to the Father and resulting in receiving the Kingdom blessings now and Kingdom rewards in the future.

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  1. Judy

    Frank Manaserri

    Frank, I have never met you in person but have heard of you since I was a puppy in the word. Thanks for being a beacon and standing tall. BTW what I always heard about you was that you were a faithful and determined man to walk on the word. Good to be near another devoted one.

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  2. Jean

    I left a comment here a couple of days ago. Sending another. Maybe I’m getting blocked as spam??

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  3. Jean

    Found the blog.
    He has delivered us from the power (exousia-authority) of darkness, and has translated us into the kingdom of His dear son.

    We were once enemies in disobedience, refusing the authority of the Creator. But when we lay down the weapons of our warfare against God, confessing the authority of Jesus as Lord, asking forgiveness in his name, we are granted pardon, peace and salvation.

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  4. Agnes

    Frank you are a gem for Gods’ people. Thank you for sending this to me. I made a copy so I can read it again at work tomorrow. Love in Christ, Ag

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  5. Cousin Sera

    Very good Word Frank. I praise God he is using your gifts and for your obedience to Him!
    God Bless your ministry,
    Cousin Sera

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