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“Speaking of the things pertaining to the Kingdom of God” (Part II)

Part II

In the beginning of the Lord Jesus’ ministry, we read in the Sermon on the Mount, that He speaking as the King taught the disciples the Beatitudes of how to live in the Kingdom of God. Notice these are BE-ATTITUDES and not DO-ATTITUDES. The difference being, these were not Laws or rigid rules to be kept in order to become a Kingdom Citizens, but the simple Attitudes needed in order to live as a citizen in blessing of the Kingdom of God.
Without getting into all of the eight beatitudes, a quick glance at the first one is necessary to understand what is meant by the BE-ATTITUDES:

“Blessed are the poor in spirit: for theirs is the Kingdom of God” (Matt 5:3). This “poor in spirit” is the attitude of a true follower of Jesus of Nazareth. This is the opposite of arrogance or a haughty, prideful attitude. True humility and not arrogance is the manner in which Jesus lived and served those around Him during the days of His flesh. Jesus showed by example how He lived and conducted His life. This is the first requirement of the Kingdom of God, or this is the attitude one must develop in order to begin to be a vital blessed citizen in the Kingdom of God.
Today this Kingdom of God is not yet manifest in the material or physical realm as it is a spiritual Kingdom replete with Kingdom Blessings and Rewards for those who will learn “how” to live as a Kingdom citizen bringing glory to God and not to them.

This helps define the journey we are on. A quest to investigate the scriptures in order to accurately discover what Jesus of Nazareth taught about the things pertaining to the Kingdom of God.

In discovering the basis of True Christianity we may begin to learn and live in simple obedience to His instructions, giving Glory to the Father and resulting in receiving the Kingdom blessings now and Kingdom rewards in the future when the Lord Jesus returns to establish his Kingdom on earth.

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