The Kingdom of God and Deception

Many have been and remain deceived when it comes to realizing the great powerful impact the preaching of the kingdom of God has in this world. I also was in this category for many years.

Thinking I knew about the things concerning the kingdom of God but really had very little knowledge or understanding of it.

One day I was reading in Matthew where Jesus said “Seek ye first the kingdom of God and His righteousness and all these things shall be added unto you.”

Where was this more than abundant life Jesus proclaimed he came to give??

I still had financial worries, family problems, health and weight challenges like everybody around me. The list could go on and on.

When I stopped and honestly evaluated my life it was not more than abundant at all.
In fact it didn’t look much more prosperous than some of my neighbors who did not believe in God. Honestly my life was not even abundant.

But how could this be so if Christ had promised better life? I began to pray and reach out to the Lord for the answers to my dilemma.

After some time my eyes and ears began to open in order for me to begin to be able to take in this awesome knowledge and power of God’s Kingdom in the world today.

I believe the Lord showed me in Matthew 11:28-30 that this was his invitation to all who would come to live in the kingdom of God.

“Come unto me, all ye that labour and are heavy laden, and I will give you rest. Take my yoke upon you, and learn of me; for I am meek and lowly in heart: and ye shall find rest unto your souls. For my yoke is easy, and my burden is light.”

I began to focus my attention upon the Gospel teachings of Christ my Lord concerning “Kingdom Living.” Then slowly over some years the message of the kingdom became much clearer and I began to change my outlook on life having starting to develop a “Kingdom Attitude” towards life.

I stopped worrying about finances. I began eating healthier and slowly losing weight. My attitude towards people was more loving and kind. But most of all I began to experience a gentle peace within my soul as I began to learn more about some the kingdom benefits that become ours as we Seek First the Kingdom of God and His righteousness.

And so my Kingdom Journey began when I finally realized and admitted that I did not know much about God’s glorious kingdom. This is when the scriptures began to open up to me and I began to learn from the Lord more about His main message to the world.

Many times in the gospels the Lord opened up his preaching with “The Kingdom of God is at hand” or “The Kingdom of God is within you”

Everything the Lord Jesus did and said was all about his Father”s Kingdom on earth. During the life of his ministry he was our example of how man should live towards God! Then at the same time he demonstrated what God would do in every situation.

Christ is our perfect example of Kingdom Living.”

Christ showed by example how to live in this Kingdom of God as he went about preaching the kingdom and doing many miracles.

Devils were cast out and blind me received sight as He lived out the words he was speaking.

He taught his disciples and gave them power over Devils sending them out to preach the gospel or the good news.

What happened when his disciples went and did as Christ showed them?

The same works Christ performed they were able to do also!

What was this power over Devils Christ gave to his disciples?

It was the power of the preached Good News that caused Satan to fall from heaven.

The power of the preached word of the kingdom was being preached from the lips of ordinary men and great signs, miracles, and wonders followed.

Then throughout the Book of Acts the followers of Christ were able to heal the sick and cast out Devils when they preached the good news of the kingdom of God.

In the famous Lord’s Prayer Christ teaches us to focus on the Kingdom of God.

“Thy kingdom come thy will be done on earth as it is in heaven”

This prayer was a Kingdom Prayer is a

Actually an outline to how we should pray and live in the kingdom now towards God and towards others.

So now we can begin to see that the preaching of the good news is the key to unlocking the power of God’s Kingdom in this word today!

The preaching of God sets up the atmosphere for God’s Will to be done here on earth now!

But there is an enemy of God that knows this good news will defeat his purposes so he employs a tool to distract God’s people from truly accomplishing the preaching of the true gospel around the world.

Deception is a most powerful tool! It blinds oneself to the truth without the individual ever recognizing they are deceived.

One of the greatest deceptions is to distract from the truth of God’s


Consider what I say an the Lord give the understanding so we may all know and live the truth about the most important subject in the scriptures “The Kingdom of God.”

The deceived are not able to save themselves from this dilemma but need an outside source to awaken them to the fact that they have been deceived.

Then they are free to take the steps needed to recover themselves out of this snare of the devil

A minister of Christ is instructed to not strive

but be gentle,

apt to teach

Instructing those who are in opposition to the truth

And by doing this

God peradventure

By way of an agent

Wether they be human

OR celestial

May awaken the individual in order to be able to deliver them from the snare of the devil.

Just as an alarm clocks function is to awaken one from slumber, it does not have the responsibility or possess the power to get one out of bed.

The simple fact is that once the alarm is sounded the responsibility is on the deceived to make the right decision to get out of bed.

I have a decision to make when the alarm rings. I can either awake and get out of bed or remain in bed roll over and fall asleep again.

The Lord would like for His church His body to be awake to the things concerning the Kingdom of God. Hence I started this Blog some years ago to document what I am learning to share with others.

Let me add that by no means am I the only one sharing this good news of living in the kingdom of God.

There are many sharing this good news however we need more to be awakened.

The Lord commanded his disciples to “Go into the entire world and preach the good news of the kingdom of God.”

If anyone reading this Blog has any insights into Kingdom Living please do share what you have learned with the rest of us.

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