The Kingdom of God is the “Big Story”

The Kingdom of God is the “Big Story”

There are countless accounts and stories recorded in the scriptures. These all have one common denominator by which they must be understood if we are to get a clear picture of The Kingdom of God and how import this is in our daily lives.

The common denominator or big story of the Bible is the city of God named “New Jerusalem.”

This common denominator is the “Big Story” in the light of which all other Bible stories or accounts must be understood and then applied to life situations.

The Big Story of the Kingdom of God is the key which unlocks the scriptures so that we may fully comprehend what the Father desires we should know today. “Thy Kingdom come Thy will be done on earth as it is in heaven” is the Father’s promise and empowerment of truth to His children. Therefore by learning about this kingdom we may learn to act as Kingdom Citizens in this world today on this earth.

If we keep in mind the Kingdom of God when we read the various Old Testament and New Testament accounts or stories we will see and understand how the entire Bible fits together to bring enlightenment to us concerning the Father’s ultimate plan of His coming Kingdom. This includes the promise of the City of God.

A recurring theme I have begun to notice throughout the scripture is that of Life, Death, and Resurrection and in my journey of learning more about the Kingdom of God I am beginning learn more about this pattern of Life, Death, and Resurrection and its application to everyday life.

I am learning that having the understanding of how this Life, Death, and Resurrection relate to my life has given me hope, comfort and patience.

This simple truth applies to all living things in the Plant, Animal, and Mineral Kingdom’s. There is Life, Death, and Resurrection in every area of what we know today as life. Because of this even the thought of death somehow loses its negative impact. There is hope for every follower of Christ!

I Corinthians 15 states that the last enemy to be destroyed is death!
However in the age to come when God’s Kingdom will be established on this earth forever, death will no longer be a factor for it will have been destroyed.

What I am beginning to realize that this cycle of Life, Death, and Resurrection is all a part of the life process especially when it pertains to seeing and understanding the Kingdom of God. Could it be that what Christ was referring to in John 10:10 as the “more than abundant life” was speaking of what life will be like when the Kingdom of God is established on earth in the Age to come?

Truly this “Kingdom Life” Christ came to give us must be the more than abundant life He spoke of in John 10:10 which is the hope of a life without sin, death, disease, pain, tears. This gives us hope!

However if this is true, then the opposite must also be true when Christ said. “The thief comes not but for to steal, kill, and destroy.”

Again by keeping in mind the overall Big Story we realize this applies to our knowledge of the Kingdom of God. So when we ask, “Destroy what?” we find our answer is “Destroy the Kingdom of God.”
We learn the thief is not out to destroy us, but to destroy the knowledge of the Kingdom of God.

How is this destruction of the Kingdom of God accomplished? By stealing and killing the knowledge of God’s Kingdom from the people of God.

Ultimately Lucifer’s plan was to overthrown the Kingdom of God which was in full operation in Paradise before the Fall of Adam and Eve.

How did Satan accomplish this? By lying and stealing and by asking the question. “Hath God really said?”

These first two Kingdom Citizens were deceived by Satan to eat the fruit of the tree of the knowledge of Good and Evil and thereby were sentenced to continue living outside of paradise where Original Sin was in effect and remains in effect even today during this present evil age in which we are now living.

As a result of this rebellion against God the world has been separated from the full blessings of the Kingdom of God for thousands of years until the arrival of Jesus of Nazareth who is The Messiah promised by the Father.

Christ entered into our world to put an end to this rebellion Satan directed against the true God by setting up his counterfeit dominion over mankind through the weapon of sin and its deadly consequence.

In my recent path of learning about the Kingdom of God I have come to realize the promised more than abundant life comes into ultimate fruition when the Kingdom of God is finally established on this earth in the coming Age. This promise includes the city of God New Jerusalem. However during this Present Evil Age the future Kingdom of God has the power to transcend time and space and provide the promised blessings to all who will simply seek first the Kingdom of God and His righteousness. If we will pursue this simple directive then Christ promised that all things would be given or supplied to us by the heavenly Father.

Christ came to re-establish the Kingdom of God once again on this earth and He taught His followers
How to live the Kingdom Life and share this life by the preaching of the Good News or Gospel of the Kingdom of God.

In Matthew Chapter five, six, and seven Jesus Christ as “King” reveals His manifesto to His disciples as He begins to introduce to them the knowledge concerning the Kingdom of God.

A definition of manifesto is:
a public declaration of intentions, opinions, objectives, or motives, as one issued by a government, sovereign, or organization.
This is exactly what Christ did during the sermon on the Mount.

By studying the Life of Christ as recorded in the gospels we learn many things, and the bases of all we learn stems from two important truths:

The first truth is that the life of Jesus Christ in all that He said and did was a living example of what The Father would say and do if He were a man.

The second truth is: Jesus Christ of Nazareth exemplified how a child of God should act towards The Father and towards others. Christ alone was sent and enabled to accomplish both of these tasks.

Christ is the living example of the great commandment the first of which is to love God with all your soul, mind, heart, and strength. And the second is to love your neighbor as you love yourself.

In Kingdom Living we learn that everything in the scriptures point to Christ and He alone is the King!

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