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“Thy Kingdom come Thy Will be done.”

“Thy Kingdom come Thy Will be done
on earth at it is in Heaven.”

The Kingdom of God which Christ preached and made available is a title for the establishment of God’s Righteous Government upon this earth. In the age to come Christ will reign over this Kingdom as a benevolent King having the power and resources to meet the needs of every citizen.

What many seek today in the way of world peace, overcoming hunger, disease, hate, crime, wars, terrorism, etc. will be established and maintained.

There will be never a need for elections, political parties, or judges.

There will not be any inferior worldly governments implementing their policies that are never able to put away all the things which make life miserable on this planet.

The government of the Kingdom of God will provide all things necessary for its citizens to sustain life without sin and its anti-life properties.

The Government of God will provide peace, safety and significance for all its citizens.

The ongoing issues of word peace, hunger, disease, crime, and other things which are against life will be put away.

These are but a few things this Kingdom Government will ensure.

This Kingdom of God is appealing only to those who love righteousness and eschew evil.

“Thy Kingdom come Thy Will be done.”

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