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The Cross and The Kingdom

As many of you who have been following this blog know I am excited about the coming of the Kingdom of God in the Age to come.


To think that everything the Father has done for mankind since the creation will culminate when His Kingdom, the New Jerusalem, will come to earth and God’s righteousness will rule.


Those of us who have believed in Jesus Christ of Nazareth as the Messiah are now already citizens of His coming Kingdom and we have the promise of Jesus Christ that if we seek first the Kingdom of God and His Righteousness all things we need in this life will be supplied to us. We may not always get what we want, but we are promised the Kingdom Blessings of having our needs or daily bread supplied.


So then the ultimate Plan of God will be fulfilled at the culmination of this present evil age when His Kingdom is established and those who are citizens will have eternal life to live in His Kingdom in a lifestyle which the world has been clamoring for, but are not able to achieve on their own, without the belief in the God who created the heavens and the earth, and all that entails.


Where does this Kingdom life begin and who is this Kingdom for?


I believe the Kingdom life begins at the Cross of Jesus Christ. I believe the Kingdom life is available for all men and women who accept God’s grace, and mercy, of the gift of salvation.


With this said, I would like to share my personal story with you:


About twenty years ago my manner of life brought me to the place where I was confronted with the reality of the Cross of Jesus Christ.


Something happened that day that changed my life forever.


I was alone at home and had come to the conclusion that even though I wanted to serve Jesus Christ, I could not because in all honesty I was still a sinner. I was well aware of my shortcomings and struggles and was ready to throw in the towel and quit trying to serve Him.

This is when I began getting a deep agonizing feeling in my gut, or as the Apostle Paul would say in my “bowels.” Like I said, I so wanted to serve the Lord but I knew I was still a sinner. Therefore I concluded that I could not do anything for Him. This deep feeling was so strong that it felt as if my gut was going to burst at the seams.


At this point I found myself lying flat out on my living room floor and telling the Lord I could not serve him due to the weakness of my flesh. Then suddenly a scripture bolted into my mind. “Oh wretched man that I am who shall deliver me from this body of death?”


Then another thought quickly followed indicating that Paul was a spiritual man trapped inside a sinful body, and that whenever he desired to do good, evil was present in him. Paul was trapped and within his flesh was dwelling no good thing.


It was then I realized that Paul at one time felt similar to the way I was feeling at this very moment in time. After contemplating this, I finally came to understand that as long as I am alive, sin would be dwelling in my flesh. I also realized that in Christ I was given a power and dominion over this evil. Because of what Christ accomplished on the Cross I was given the power to overcome sin and serve Him even in my imperfection. Now His Grace was a power sufficient for me to overcome the infirmities in my flesh.

Suddenly lying on the floor in a stretched out position, I found myself at the foot of the cross at Calvary. In my mind’s eye this was as real to me as if I were watching a movie with all its color and sound.


There I was with my arms wrapped around the foot of the cross sobbing. As I looked up I saw His bruised and bloodied feet, and the rusty nail that had been cruelly driven through them.


As I clung to the cross I continued to lift my head and looked higher until I saw His legs which showed the marks of the cuts caused by the whips They were badly bruised with the blood running down and dripping on my face.


I began to weep as I heard the wind howling and saw the low hanging ominous dark clouds blocking out the sun. The wind and dust in what seemed like a crazed frenzy blowing around the place of the skull as others stared at Him while some others wept.


There He was with the life almost gone out of His body which had been brutalized and mangled beyond recognition. His bones were out of joint and parts of His ribs were exposed. It looked as if there was not any place on his body that was not bruised or broken. The wound made by a soldiers spear in His side was open and oozing out both blood and water.


My eyes, now flooded with tears, began to look higher as His head hung to one side with the thorns insisted on digging deep into His bloodied scalp.


His face was bruised and swollen worse than any boxer I had ever seen after a brutal fight in the ring. His left eye was swollen shut, and His right eye was barely visible. His entire face was bruised, bloody and swollen beyond recognition.


There I was lying flat out on the ground not even realizing that I was in a position of prayer called obeisance. My arms stretched around the base of the cross with His blood drops falling on my face.


Then He took one last deep painful breath. Just then His almost shut right eye caught my eyes and I realized He was looking at me with pure love, forgiveness, and acceptance, no matter what I had done to sin against God and humanity before.


Then He suddenly cried out and said, “It is finished!” The labored breathing which cause Him excruciating pain had seen stopped. His head fell limp. He was dead!


But I am alive and filled with the most relieved emotion I had ever felt before. A flood of peace came over me as any doubts of being able to serve Him were now washed away and gone!


Then as they slowly and carefully took Him down from the cross, I could hear some say, “Will He rise again in three days as He said He would?”


Three days later He arose from the dead and He is still alive today active in the affairs of men. He is still calling all who will believe in His name and saving and forgiving all of their transgressions committed against God and man.


In this moment of time that I spent on my living room floor, I realized without a doubt that I had been to the cross where my Lord Jesus Christ was crucified. I cannot explain this occurrence but it is real to me and because of this I was saved and able to serve Him because of His willing sacrificial death paid for all my sins.


Now I know beyond a shadow of a doubt that I am His and He is mine! He is my Lord and my savior and nothing will ever be able to separate me from Him ever again.


Without the Cross of Christ there is no forgiveness of sin and there would be no Kingdom coming in the future.


Without the Cross of Christ all mankind would be still lost and doomed to misery.


Praise the Father Who sent His only begotten Son to usher in eternal life in His coming Kingdom.


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