“Ye Brood of Vipers”


Have any of you who are following this Blog ever encounter something like the following?

You are simply reading the Bible and suddenly something happens in your understanding. It’s like an explosion of insight into what you may have read many times before, but suddenly you are given a burst of understanding that changes a perspective you may have held for years.

These sudden bursts from seemingly out of nowhere are from the spirit of God. It is a glimpse of a communication from the Father through His Son Jesus Christ via the gift of Holy Spirit sent to enlighten you.

So you are blessed and want to share this insight with others and when you do some people receive it as a blessing, while others do not.

At times the ones who do not receive what you have to share respond with an attitude of disbelief, Many times they challenge what you are sharing as not scriptural because they deem it unworthy because you said the Lord revealed this to you.

I see this occurring many times in the life of Jesus of Nazareth when He challenged the religious leaders of the time with what He claimed came from the Father.

Time after time the religious ones would rebuke Him or say He was of the devil or some other false accusations.

Jesus called these types of people “Ye brood of vipers!”

Well amazingly the other day I experienced another one of these “Aha Moments” when the Lord revealed to me why He called these naysayers a brood of vipers.

Have you ever encountered a real viper while hiking or camping out in some remote area? If you did encounter one of these deadly snakes it is startling!

The moment you enter into their territory they immediately begin to protect themselves and usually do so with a swift strike or two to ward off any enemies.

When you think about it, this is exactly what Jesus was referring to when He called these religious people a brood of vipers.

These were people who immediately attacked Jesus even though they saw Christ healing, and casting out devils right before their very eyes.

Why did they do this? Possibly because they were protecting their self interests, or because what Christ was doing and saying was hitting a nerve deep within them. . .so they struck at him like a brood of vipers.

So then what is the learning here? When you share those beautiful insights the Lord is revealing to you about His word, do not let those vipers discourage you in doing so.

We must always keep in mind that the True God and His Son Jesus Christ are greater than the scriptures, and by these very scriptures may reveal insights to you individually that can change your life for the better.

Do not allow the vipers to use their religious traditions or their limited understanding of the Word of God as a club against you.

CS Lewis Bible leads to Christ

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January 28, 2016 · 7:44 pm

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