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When Jesus of Nazareth Performed Miracles

When Jesus performed Miracles did He use a well worn religious ritual?

Did He make long prayers?

Or did He speak simple everyday words that eventually became the scripture we read today?

To the man with a withered hand He said, “Stretch forth thine hand!”

To the man who was lowered through the roof on his bed He said, “Take up thy bed and walk!”

To a man born blind He said, “Go! Wash in the pool of Siloam!”

To the Roman Centurion who said to Jesus, “Just say the word and my servant will be healed.”

Jesus said, “She is healed!”

When Jesus did those miracles He did not impose a ritual or religious system upon those that asked for His help?.

Did He wear special garments to perform some ceremonial exercise?

No! He did none of these!

He simply accommodated the people. He did whatever they asked of Him.

The woman who had an issue of blood simply thought within herself, “If I can just touch the hem of His garment I will be healed.” And she was healed without even uttering a word.

In reality Jesus allowed these people to set their own level of faith.

At the grave of Lazarus He said, “Lazarus come forth!”

What is the lesson here?

All things are possible with God when we speak the powerful words of life from our heart where Christ dwells within and do not doubt in His ability to bring it to pass.

Our precious Lord fed the five thousand from a few loaves and fishes because He saw a void that needed to be filled.

Our heavenly Father can take those simple faith words that we speak and turn them into miracles.

Do not doubt just trust!

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Where are those Miracles?

Someone asked why do we not see miracles today like those we read about in the book of Acts?

Speaking only for myself, I have found that I had somehow over the years unconsciously developed a sort of “spiritual inferiority complex.” This stemmed from a subtle religious attitude I picked up of comparing myself with others and falling short of those who did many wonderful works in the book of Acts.

I believe that I developed this complex when I was trapped in the prison of “Biblical Research” where I systematically mined the scriptures as I was taught with a scientific precision and mathematical accuracy in order to gain knowledge and information that would cause me to grow spiritually. But sadly this was not the case as the result of this “working the Word” was only to reap the cold factual results that were intellectually stimulating, but somehow never was able to touch the heart.

Years passed until through a determined pursuit I put myself in a position to develop an intimate personal relationship with my Lord Jesus. It was then my old ways were systematically torn up from the foundations and I became free to approach the Bible as a young child in order to receive the simple and pure words of my heavenly Father. What freedom hit my heart when I finally realized that we as His children were called to simply plant and we water and then it is God that causes the increase in all things that pertain to this life.

I discovered the simplicity of tending God’s garden is as much a part of doing the will of God than all the miracles we read about in the Bible. Miracles are God’s business, but planting and watering is ours.

Now that I have been freed to humbly approach the scriptures as a wide eyed child desiring to be nurtured by words of the heavenly Father, I have been able to live my life in the simplicity that the Father desires of me.

Living God’s will in our lives is enjoying what He created for us by doing what we decide to do each day, and going where we desire to go with Christ living in our hearts.

When a father and mother love their family and provide a safe, loving, and fun, environment for their children they are doing the work of God in their own home.

It is man-made religion that sets the bar of faith too high for people to achieve what man-made religions have set.

Living for God is simply living our lives with our whole spirit, soul and body. Which in and by itself is a great miracle.

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