Daily Archives: December 16, 2015

As followers of Christ our heavenly Father desires that we learn as much as we are able from Him through His revealed work as workmen that need not be ashamed.

There are things that we think we already know that need to be refined. When we think we have all the answers then we stop learning because we think we know all we need to know.

Take the subject of the Kingdom of God for instance. About five years ago I began to have this urge, a desire to know more about the Kingdom of God and began to look into the scriptures and began learning things I have never known about His Glorious Kingdom to come in the Age to come.

I am still learning and checking all kinds of sources because the one thing I have learned about accurately knowing about the Kingdom of God is that the knowledge of it will change your life for the better.

The knowledge of the Kingdom of God will lift you out of the stuff we are surrounded with in this present evil age and although the Kingdom of the Age to come has not been established yet on earth, we can still receive the blessing of that glorious future Kingdom that will one day (in the future) cover the entire earth.

I am learning that somehow the Kingdom of the Age to come has the ability to reach back in time to our present evil age and bestow its blessing upon any or all who desire to know more of God’s Kingdom.



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