Is There a Remedy for the World We Live in Today?

Is there is a remedy for the present global insecurity and unrest the world is experiencing today?

What may be done to eliminate religious intolerance, racism, slavery, human trafficking, sexism, world hunger, disease, crime and the myriad of injustices humans perpetrate upon one another?

Will all the good intentions of building a better world by eliminating wars, famines, pestilences and natural disasters ever be realized? Or is the human race doomed to repeat the mistakes of history over, and over again?

There is a remedy that has been offered to mankind, but thus far it has been mostly rejected or at best marginalized.

What is this remedy?

It is the promise of Jesus of Nazareth’s gospel, namely, “the Kingdom of God is at hand or is near.” Christ came into the world to make the promise of the Kingdom of God a reality by establishing the heavenly government sanctioned by the eternal Creator of our ever expanding universe.

The reality of this kingdom will not come into its total fruition upon earth until the Age to come. This is when God’s rule will be in all the earth. The hope and power of this future kingdom reaches back in time to bestow its blessing in this present evil age in which we now live to those who seek first this Kingdom of God and His righteousness, or God’s way of living today.

When I speak of the kingdom of God as the remedy, I am not referring to what is known today as a theology called “Dominion or Kingdom Now.” A definition of Dominion Theology is:

“The belief that we (mankind) have a mandate to build the “kingdom of God” on earth, restoring paradise, by progressively and supernaturally transforming ourselves and all societal institutions, through subduing and ruling the earth by whatever means possible, including using technology, science and psycho-social engineering; and then and only then will a “Christ” manifest his presence on earth.”

This will never happen for mankind has not been given the power and authority to build a kingdom for God to rule over.

This Remedy of the kingdom of God of which I am referring is the final and full global kingdom which Jesus the Messiah alone will establish upon the earth which is known as the “Millennium Kingdom.”

Why is this kingdom of God the only remedy for the ongoing problems of mankind?

Where may we learn more about this kingdom of God?

Who will reign over and throughout this global Kingdom of God?

What will this Kingdom look like?

Who will inhabit this kingdom?

Where will the capitol of this kingdom be located?

When will it be available to abide in the promises of this kingdom?

These questions and more may be answered from the scriptures so that we may apply this kingdom living to our everyday life style or what I call “Kingdom Dynamics” or “The Kingdom Power to Change Your Life.”

“Kingdom Dynamics” simply means the power of God’s Kingdom, or the rule of God over an individual’s life. This is when an individual makes it a point to allow Christ to reign over their entire life during this present evil age which will bring to the individual immediate blessings and a future assurance of their entrance into the final kingdom of God in the age to come. It is only then in the age to come that the entire earth will be under God’s rule.

Jesus of Nazareth claimed that if we seek first this kingdom of God and His righteousness, all the things the world lusts over will freely be given to us. Therefore, seeking this Kingdom of God is the only viable Remedy for this present dying world in which we live. The summation of the entire Gospel of the Kingdom of God is that this kingdom living life style is at hand or available to mankind to enjoy today while in the midst of this present evil age.

A biblical definition of the kingdom of God is simply God’s rule over the earth, or God’s way of living on earth.

This kingdom of God, in which Christ will reign as King, is a coming world government that will encompass the entire globe. When Jesus of Nazareth was asked by his followers to teach them how to pray he said:

“After this manner therefore pray ye:

Our Father which art in heaven, Hallowed be thy name.

Thy kingdom come, Thy will be done in earth, as it is in heaven.

Give us this day our daily bread.

And forgive us our debts, as we forgive our debtors.
And lead us not into temptation, but deliver us from evil:

For thine is the kingdom, and the power, and the glory, forever. Amen.”

The more of this Kingdom of God we can learn and know about, the clearer we will be able to envision this kingdom as the viable alternative to living today according to failing systems of this present world.

We who are God’s children do not have the God given authority or power to build this kingdom of God upon the earth, but we have been given the power of Holy Spirit to overcome this present evil age over our own lives. By doing so we may enjoy the blessings of the kingdom of God that will one future day rule over the entire earth in the age to come.

In the book of Romans the Apostle Paul described the kingdom as Righteousness, peace, and joy in the Holy Ghost. These things are only realized by living our lives according to God’s Rule.

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