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Some Thoughts on The Kingdom of God

The following are some thoughts on the Kingdom of God I received from my brother in Christ Keith Witt:

I am currently teaching thru the Sermon on the Mount with a trailer park youth group every Tuesday at the Loft Coffee House. Tuesday we will land on the disciple Prayer….. Thy Kingdom come, Thy will be done……. What I am seeing is that at the core of our beings is a heart that either beats for self or beats for Jesus. If it beats for self we will only accomplish vanity and sorrow.

For Kingdom minded saints they are to be awestruck, impassioned, driven, and focused on living for the audience of one, for His glory, honor, praise and Kingdom. This fuels us with ” Thy Will Be Done” rather than being absorbed with the clamor of this shallow & self-fulfilling world. The result is that we will be filled with Him, His desires, His love, His bucket list of what is eternal. The Key to the Kingdom is bow before this King with total love and allegiance to show Him gratitude and honor and affectionate love. In reality Romans 10: 9-10 we should consider if we should confess Him as “Lord” or should I say LORD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

In the Way, we confessed him as lord?????????????? Sorry Jesus has to have the preeminence… He is KING of KINGS and LORD OF LORDS…. He gets all Caps and Bold type face…. He is The Almighty Sovereign King. Now when we are ready to quit playing religion, we need to upgrade Him in our hearts. Then He gives us His Kingdom to explode our reasoning, our purpose, our reality with His amazing resources. Now, we are no longer our own… we are His…. He is ours…. The SELF- Centered blaaaaaaaa is over with.. We are agents of light, truth, and eternal glory. We are Kingdom focused, & Kingdom empowered. We connect every why, what, where, when, who, and how to a purpose that is clear and brilliantly awesome…. His Kingdom….

Now we have the Kingdom within us, for the King Himself resides on His throne, in our hearts, for His Glory. We should be overwhelmed with joy unspeakable to represent our SAVIOR KING… Wow and He is honored to have us as both His servants and dear children. The reason peoples lives are so pathetically shallow and superficial is that they don’t have a cause worth living for and His Kingdom is the only one rooted in reality that will work. All others will fail, and must fail. But for those who see and live with His Kingdom mindset they will flourish.

Just some thoughts on the subject..

Love you

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