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Most loving, gracious, and merciful heavenly Father.

First of all we give you all honor, praise, and glory for only you are deserving of the sacrifice of praise of our heart uttered by our lips to you alone.

Lord, please continue to comfort those survivors of the Islamic violence and murder in Nigeria, Paris, and San Bernardino. Give comfort and confidence and determination to those law enforcement personnel who are on the job. Bless them and their families for their work’s sake.

Lord, please reach into the hearts of our enemies and turn them toward You, so that our enemies become our brothers and together, we might worship you.

Lord, CNN is reporting that England may be next. Please strengthen the English. Give them wisdom and courage and stir within each of them a keen awareness of their environments. Give them each a double portion of English determination.

Open the eyes of the hearts of all people, Lord. Allow us to see that You are the greater than which there is none. Help us see through “political correctness” enough be able to recognize danger and warn people around us. Allow the peoples of the earth to recognize You, worship You, and live in ways that please You.

Forgive us our sins, and encourage us to forgive those who have sinned against us. Knit us together by the power of Your Holy Spirit. Tell each of us what we need to know during these painful days. Remind us that your are still Lord God of the entire known and unknown universe, that you know what you’re doing, and we know we may trust in your Divine love and wisdom.

In the name of your precious Son the Lord Jesus Christ our Lord we pray


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