I Have a Dream

I have a Dream!
It is a Kingdom Dream.
It is a Kingdom of God dream.

One day in the future there will not be any boundaries that separate us on this planet, for our world will be one, with One global benevolent and loving leader, who will meet all of the needs of all the people.

I have a dream that one day there will be a kingdom of God and there will be:

No more governments
No more elections.
No more voting.
No More Presidents, Kings, Dictators or Tyrants.
No more Congress.
No More Supreme Court.
No more War.
No more sickness
No more poverty
No more hunger
No more slavery
No more sexism
No more child molestation.
No More human trafficking.
No more racial or any other type of discrimination of any kind
No more injustice.
No more oppression.

OH! I forgot to mention. . .No more man made religions!

One day the earth will have true peace and its inhabitants will live as one!

I have a dream!

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