Islam and Christianity

Islam and.Christianity

There is a vast chasm between True Christianity and Extremist Islam. Like the distance between night and day or water and oil, the two views are not compatible in any way shape or form.
The God of Islam is a God of war, violence and intolerance. His name is Allah. The God of Christianity is a God of Mercy, Grace, Peace, Healing, and His name is Elohim.
Christianity and Islam both believe in One God, and they both believe that the Patriarch Abraham is an important Biblical figure, but they differ greatly in how their beliefs are to be spread around the world.Both the followers of Christianity and Islam may believe that Moses was a prophet of God and that he wrote the first five books of the Bible. They may also believe that King David wrote many of the Psalms. Both believe that Jesus Christ was the greatest Prophet of God, but they differ on many other points. Not the least of which is that Jesus Christ is the only begotten Son of the Living God. However, Islam does not accept that anyone could ever be a child or a son of Allah. Islam denies that Jesus was crucified and died for all the sins of mankind, as they believe it was Judas who was crucified and that Jesus was raised alive into heaven. Islam denies that Jesus of Nazareth was buried and after three days and nights in the grave arose from the dead. They deny that God raised Him from the dead. However the truth is that after His crucifixion, death and burial, Jesus arose from among the dead on the third day. After spending forty days in His resurrected body teaching over 500 eyewitnesses about the things concerning the kingdom of God, He ascended into heaven from the Mount of Olives before the eyes of His disciples. In heaven Jesus the Messiah was highly exalted by His Father and sat down at the Fathers right hand of blessing. Jesus Christ sat down at the right hand of God because He had finished all the work that was needed to save the entire Human Race from an eternity in true torment of Hell. This includes all Races and Creeds both men and women and children.
Jesus Christ of Nazareth, who was declared to be the “Agnes Dei” or Lamb of God by John the Baptist, actually took away all the sins (past, present and future) of each and every person who ever lived or will ever live on this Planet. John the Baptist said, “Behold the Lamb of God that takes away the sins of the World.”
Islam and Christianity believe all men from Adam have sinned and come short of the Glory of God. The Good News or Gospel is that Jesus Christ paid the price for all their sins and has opened wide the gates of Heaven so all who accept Him as Lord may freely enter into the Kingdom of God. Islam believes that even if a person lives a good and holy life Allah at his discretion may still send them to an eternal torment in hell.
In the days ahead we will be hearing more concerning Islam, and how it is not a religion that condones terrorism, killing or fighting in a Holy War or Jihad. But how can these Fundamental Islamist seriously separate themselves from the violent roots of their religion and the evident barbaric actions of not only their founder Mohammed, but of countless others who have even in these modern times, have proven themselves to be ruthlessly mean towards any who do not accept both Allah and Mohammed?
I want to encourage you to investigate for yourself the historically recorded actions of Mohammed, and his followers and also the historical facts pertaining to Jesus Christ, and His followers in order to be equipped to form your own educated opinion concerning radical Islam and true Christianity.
We are seeing today the consequences of the impatience of Abraham with the fulfillment of the promise that God made to him through a covenant, that Abraham and Sarah would have a child of promise. What we are experiencing today in the Middle East is a continuation of the family feud that began centuries ago between two half brothers over the inheritance of their father Abraham. Today this fight has evolved throughout all the tribes of Israel who are the descendants of Isaac and the Arabs who are the descendants of Ishmael.
There is only one who will ever resolve this problem. This one is Jesus Christ and all the Biblical evidence is pointing towards His imminent return to the Mount of Olives in Israel to fight the final battle at Armageddon and win!
Family problems and family sins may bring consequences for generations. Only the Power of the Precious blood of Jesus Christ can break the curses of past generations in a family line.
There are lessons to be learned by knowing the background of Abraham and his decisions such as, don’t ever take God’s Plan into your own hands. You will create chaos, even disaster and second best or worse in your life. There is a vast distance between God’s Best and second best.
Today’s problem in the Middle East, and beyond goes back to the promise given to Abraham’s seed and who the true heirs of Abraham really are today. This generational problem is rooted in envy and jealousy.
So what do you think? Are Christianity and Islam compatible or reconcilable?
Fundamental Islam is a religion that was founded by a lone man who claimed to receive special information from the angel Gabriel concerning the inheritance of the land promised to Abraham.
They (The Muslims) acknowledge the teachings of Moses and of David and also of Jesus Christ, who by the way, never taught any of His followers to kill or hurt anyone, but rather to love even their enemies, and to pray for those who despitefully use you.
When asked, Master, what is the great Commandment? Jesus answered and said, the First commandment is to love the Lord your God with all your heart, soul, mind, and strength.
He went on to say that the second Commandment was like unto the first, in that we should love our neighbors as we love ourselves. For on these two commandments hang all the Law and all the Prophets.
Mohammed and his extremist fundamentalist successors were and remain nothing more than gangsters. They are brutal barbarians who taught and still teach the followers of their extreme fundamental Islam that their God Allah commands them to conquer all the dogs, the infidels by maiming, killing or extorting by demanding monetary tribute from all who refuse to convert to their form of Islam.
Most of the countries that are steeped in this extreme fundamental form of Islam are filled with men who abuse and even torture their own women. That’s right their own mothers, aunts, daughters, nieces and sisters are subject to their extreme views concerning women under their Law which is called Sharia. Mohammed himself stated that there would be more women in hell than men, because most women do not obey their husbands.
In contrast Jesus Christ teaches that men should love their wives like He, Jesus loves the church. The Lord Jesus never condoned either physical abuse or verbal abuse of anyone including women. In contrast to Mohammed, Jesus of Nazareth taught that women were to be loved, appreciated, provided for and protected by their own husbands.
To the contrary these extremist Muslims allow for what they call “Mercy Killings”. If one of their women are violated or raped then the family must be purged of the disgrace by one of the male family members killing the woman that has already been violated. This goes on today in many of the countries that have been under the influence of an extreme and fanatical form of Islam. This atrocity has even occurred in the United States of America.
Jesus Christ when confronted about a woman who was caught in the very act of adultery by the Religious leaders of His day replied, “let he who is without sin cast the first stone.” Then after her accusers departed, he told the woman that her sins was forgiven and sent her on her way. He did not suggest a Mercy Killing.
Fanatical Fundamental Muslims persecute, torture, maim and kill defenseless Christians, Hindus, Buddhists or any others who do not accept their radical and perverted interpretations of the Qu’ran. And if they are not fighting others they turn on their own kind in fulfillment of what God had said about Ishmael, “that his hand would be against his brothers.” (Genesis 16:6-12 & 15) We see this today in Iran and Iraq where the Shiites are killing the Sunni’s and vice versa.
It has been this way since Isaac was born and Ishmael his older half brother began to openly mock him. God told Hagar his mother that Ishmael would be a wild ass of a man whose hand would be against his brother and his brother’s hand would be against him. This is precisely what we are experiencing today.
So what is the answer to this ongoing dilemma which began in the Middle East and is now spreading via Fundamental, Islamic, Terrorists through the entire globe?
The following is a personal Challenge to all people who love peace.

First of all, pray for the truth of the gospel of Jesus Christ to shine on these Fundamentalist followers of Mohammed, in order that they may be set free from the bondage of the cycle of hate, and murder which they have been taught by their religious leaders. There are many Muslim’s who convert to true Christianity once they see and realized who “the Isa” (Jesus) truly is! It is estimated that approximately 6,000,000 Muslims convert each year away from the Fundamentalist Islam to true Christianity.
Pray that strong and wise Muslim leaders who have converted to true Christianity will rise up and take a stand against this Fundamental Extremism that threatens the very existence of all of civilization society.
If you are reading this, please take the simple challenge. that for the next 21 days you will read a chapter of the gospel of John beginning with chapter one. Then after reading each chapter ask. “Is Jesus Christ of Nazareth really the Son of God? And if so can He really change my life?” I leave you with the following to seriously consider.
Mohammed the prophet of Allah instituted the use of mercenaries to promote Islam by imposing their Sharia Law upon others by maiming, killing or extorting, demanding monetary tribute to those who refused to conform to their extremist views.
Jesus Christ the Son of God instituted the use of missionaries to promote Christianity, not by imposing a law, by but sharing the truth of God’s love and grace which is freely available to all of mankind. The followers of Jesus of Nazareth did not maim, they healed. They did not rob or demand monetary tribute, instead distributed alms freely to the necessity of the underprivileged.
Mohammed and his followers robbed Caravans and terrorized and maimed those whom they came into contact with forcing them to accept Islam.
Jesus Christ and his followers never robbed anyone, but in contrast generously gave to others and even healed many that were sick and oppressed.
Let me state this truth. Christianity was never intended to be a religion, but a way of life based on the acceptance of Jesus Christ as Lord and King. Christianity promotes love toward all people regardless of race, creed or nationality. Islam is not a religion but a way of imposing laws on upon others by forcing them to accept their Sharia law.
Jesus Christ stated that He was the way, the truth and the Life! Please notice He did not say that He was the way, the truth and the new religion! He did not come to establish another religion, but a new manner of living wherein people may enjoy peace with the true God and with one another.
Jesus taught His disciples to pray by addressing God as their “Father.” This is the way, the truth, and the life that Jesus of Nazareth spoke of a life consisting of a true and vital personal relationship with the true God.
Jesus Christ said in Matthew 11:28-29 (KJV):
“Come unto to me, all you that labor and are heavy laden, and I will give you rest. Take my yoke upon you, and learn of me; for I am meek and lowly in heart: and you shall find rest unto your souls. For my yoke is easy, and my burden is light.”


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2 responses to “Islam and Christianity

  1. Patrick LaVilla

    Thank frank for this piece.It makes very clear the distinctions between both schools of thought or belief systems from the Scriptures. It is timely also for obvious reasons.And will help many to understand why,and how this mess has come about and what the solution is.Unfortunately when i mention ismael to people most think its an Middle Eastern Food dish lol..
    I encourage you to do next piece on Why this was God’s plan of the ages .God Bless You bro !!!


  2. Frank, I like how you bring the opportunity for salvation into your articles. God’s word never returns void.

    Liked by 1 person

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