Facts Concerning Islam

Facts Concerning Islam

The Arabs or Saracens are, after the Hebrews, the most important people of the Semitic race, and did play a surprisingly significant role in the history of the ancient world.

Before Mohammed introduced his religious ideas, the Arabs were idolaters and the holy city was Mecca. It was here that the ancient and most revered shrine of the Caaba was, and still is located today.

It is in this city of Mecca, at the site of the Caaba, is preserved a sacred black stone believed to have been given by an angel to Abraham.

Even though the native tribes of the Arabian Peninsula were idolaters, there were also many followers of other faiths; for Arabia in ancient times was a land of religious tolerance and freedom. The altar of the fire-worshipper rose alongside the Hebrew synagogue and the Christian church. Much like it is in the free world today.

During this period in history, the Hebrews were found everywhere in large numbers, having been driven from Palestine by the Roman persecutions.

It was from these Hebrews and Christians that Mohammed, no doubt, learned many of the doctrines that he taught, for not all that Islam espouses is detrimental to civilization.

Mohammed, called the great prophet of the Arabs, was born in the city of Mecca about the year 570 AD. His lineage stemmed from the Koreishites, a distinguished tribe, who were the custodians of the sacred shrine of the Caaba.

Like the prophet Moses, Mohammed also spent many years of his life as a shepherd. He possessed a deeply religious nature, and often would retire to a cave located a short distance from Mecca, to spend long hours in prayer.

It was during these times in prayer and meditation that he began to claim to have had visions, in which the angel Gabriel appeared to him and made to him revelations, which he was commanded to make known to his fellow-men.

The sum of this new faith, which he began to teach, was this: “There is but one God, and Mohammed his Prophet.” As he taught this to his wife, she became his first convert, and after three years his followers numbered around forty persons.
After this short time, the teachings of Mohammed finally aroused the anger of a powerful section among the tribe called the Koreishites. They as the guardians of the national idols of the Caaba feared that they would be compromised in the eyes of other tribes in allowing such heresy to be openly taught by one of their Tribe. Accordingly plots were formed against the life of Mohammed and scarcely escaping assassination; he fled to the city of Medina.

This flight from Mecca to Medina occurred in the year 622 AD. This flight or “Hegira” was considered such and important event by the Muslims they adopted it as the beginning of a new era, and from it still continue to reckon their dates.

Mohammed was warmly received in Medina, and it is here that he exchanged his role as an exhorter of this new religion and embraced the role of a warrior. He openly began to declare it to be the will of God that this new faith should be spread at the edge of the sword. One year after his flight or “Higira” from Mecca, he and his followers began to attack and plunder caravans in the name of “Allah”.

The flames of this sacred war began to ignite the reckless enthusiasm of his wild converts. This passion was unleashed by the pronouncement by the Apostle and Prophet of Allah, that death met in fighting those who resisted the true faith guaranteed the martyr immediate entrance upon the joys of Paradise. Within a period of ten years from the time Mohammed embraced the sword as the vehicle to spreading the Islamic faith, Mecca had been conquered, and the new doctrine of Mohammed was established among all the tribes of Arabia.

Upon the death of Mohammed in the year 632 AD, a dispute at once arose concerning his successor; for the Prophet had not assigned who would assume his mantle. Abubekr, Mohammed’s father-in-law was chosen with the title of Caliph or Vicar, of the Prophet. Many were in disagreement with this decision and thought that Ali, a cousin, and one of the first and most faithful of friends of Mohammed should have succeeded him. This later would prove to cause a divide in the Mohammedan world into two sects. This feud was and remains animated by the most bitter and lasting hostility toward each other. Until this very day the followers of Ali or Shiites of Persia (Iran and Iraq) remain divided from the followers of Abubekr or Sunnites.

Before moving on to the conquests of the successors of Mohammed it is important to gain some knowledge of Islam.

The Creed or doctrines of Islam, which means “submission” are contained in the Koran, the sacred book of the Muslims. They declare that God has revealed himself through four holy men:

Moses he gave the Pentateuch or first five books of the Bible;
King David, the Psalms, also in the Bible;
Jesus, the Gospels contained in the Bible;
Mohammed, the last and greatest of the prophets, he gave the Koran.

“There is no God but Allah,” is the fundamental doctrine of Islam, and to this is added the equally binding declaration that “Mohammed is the Prophet of Allah.”

Faithful Muslims must also believe in the Creed which declares the sacredness and infallibility of the Koran, the resurrection and the Day of Judgment, and an after-state of happiness and of misery. They also must believe in the absoluteness of the decrees of God, that he foreordains whatsoever comes to pass, and that there is nothing man can do to change his appointments.

The Koran requires assent to the foregoing Creed and inculcates the practice of four virtues. These all together are known as the Five Pillars of Islam:

1) The Creed

2) Prayer. Five times each day must the believer turn his face to Mecca and
engage in devotion.

3) Tithing or Almsgiving.

4) Keeping the fast of Ramadan,

5) The Hajj.

If a Muslim does not keep all of the above Five Pillars of Islam for their entire life they will spend an eternity in one of the many levels or degrees of Hell propounded by Islam.

The Hajj is a Pilgrimage to Mecca and is one of the Five Pillars of Islam which a Muslim must keep in order to get to heaven.

In these modern times in which we now live it is reported that a maximum of two million (2,000,000) pilgrims can be accommodated per year in Mecca during the annual Hajj.

Islam continued to grow by the edge of the sword until the conquest of Syria, Babylonia, Persia, Northern India, parts of Central Asia, Egypt, Northern Africa, and Spain.

The spread by violence of Islam into Europe was finally curtailed in 732 AD, exactly 100 years after the death of Mohammed. At the Battle of Tours in 732 AD the Franks (Germans) under the renowned chieftain Charles and their allies met the Moslems on the plains of Tours in Gaul (France), and committed to the issue of a single battle the spread of Islam to Europe. Abderrahman, the Mohammedan leader, fell in the height of the battle, and night saw the complete discomfiture of the Muslim hordes.

The loss that was inflicted upon them by the Germans and their allies was enormous and accounts the number of deaths and casualties at 375,000. Europe was delivered from the encroaching danger, the likes of which had not been since the fearful days of Attila and the Huns. The hero of the battle Duke Charles, who had led the Christian warriors to overwhelming victory, was given surname Martel, the “Hammer”, in commemoration of the mighty blows of his huge battle-axe.

During the century of conquests there were many changes to the caliphate or leadership of Islam. Abubekr was followed by Omar (634-644), Othman (644-655), and Ali (655-661), all of whom fell by the hands of assassins, for from the very beginning dissension’s were rampant among the followers of Mohammed. Ali was the last of the so-called Orthodox Caliphs, and all were relatives or companions of the Prophet Mohammed.

After the reign of Ali ended in 661 AD, Moawiyab, a usurper, was recognized as Caliph and succeeded in making the office hereditary, instead of elective, and established what is known as the dynasty of the Ommiades which lasted nearly a century from the city of Damascus in Syria.

This house of Ommiades was overthrown by followers of the house of Ali, who established a new dynasty (750 AD) known as the Abbassides after Abbas an uncle of Mohammed. They founded the city of Bagdad in Iraq for a period of five hundred years until the subversion of the house by the Tartars of the north.

After this era entered the golden age of the caliphate of Bagdad which covers the latter part of the 8th and the 9th century and was illustrated by the reign of the renowned Haroun-al-Raschid (786-809) who was the hero of the Arabian nights. It was during this period science, philosophy, and literature were cultivated by the Arabian scholars. And the caliphs presented in culture and luxury, a striking contrast to the rude and barbarous courts of the kings and princes of western Christendom.

In Arabia no religion was tolerated except the faith of the Koran, however in all the countries beyond the Arabian Peninsula, freedom of worship was allowed, except for idolaters who were “rooted out”. Unbelievers must purchase their liberty by the payment of a tribute.

The Arabs or Saracens did however contribute much to society in that they passed on much that was valuable in the science of the Greeks and the Persians. They improved trigonometry and algebra, and they borrowed the decimal system of notation from India and introduced it to the West.

Many of the doctrines of Islam are most unfavorable to human liberty, progress and social improvements.

It teaches fatalism, and thus discourages effort and enterprise.

It allows polygamy and puts no restraints upon divorce, and by this destroys the sanctity of the family life.

Islam permits slavery and fosters despotism.

It inspires a blind and bigoted hatred of race and creed, and thus puts far out of sight the salutary truth of the brotherhood of man.

Because of these defects in its teachings, Islam has proved a blight and curse to almost every race embracing its sterile doctrines.

More Facts Concerning Islam

570AD Mohammed was born in Mecca

595AD Mohammad marries a woman fifteen years older than himself.

610AD Mohammad at age 40 claims to have received a revelation from God in a cave while he was meditating, resulting in him becoming the Messenger of God.

His wife becomes the first convert to Islam.

613 AD At the end of three years his disciples numbered forty persons.

The angel “Gabriel” told him if they follow his ways they would be called Muslims “the true descendants of Abraham and receive the promise’.

622 AD Mohammad was forced to flee Mecca after preaching his new revelation aggressively. This is called The Hegira or Flight until this day.

630 AD Mohammed established Mecca and established Islam as the religion of all Arabia.

632 AD Mohammed died and was buried.

632-634 AD Abubekr, First Successor of Mohammed

633 AD Conquest of Syria

632-641 AD Conquest of Persia (Iran and Iraq)

638 AD Conquest of Egypt

643-689 Conquest of Northern Africa

668 AD First attempt at capturing Constantinople from the Christian world.

711 AD Conquest of Spain

716 AD Second attempt at capturing Constantinople from the Christian

732 AD Invasion of France: Battle of Tours.

Moslems incurred 375,000 casualties and deaths and were

Defeated by Duke Charles (The Hammer) and the allies.

* ISLAM means to submit or surrender to the will of Allah.

Qu’ran (Koran) is the sacred book of Islam and is the sacred word of God for the Muslims.

Islam has 1.2 billion followers worldwide and has been reported as one of the fastest growing religion today.

Islam’s followers are called Muslims, which means one who submits to Allah.

Islam has well over 6 million followers in America and Chicago is the location of the building site of the second largest Mosque in the world.

Islam believes that the Koran becomes the ruling law (Sharia Law) of a nation once the number of Muslims exceeds half of the population of that nation.

In the past fifty years we are seeing a return to the Fundamental tenets of Islam, which were conceived and promulgated by Mohammed.

Today there are multitudes of moderate Muslims who do not follow or participate in the fundamental teachings of Islam, however the availability exists that these moderates could turn back to the ruthless radical tactics we are seeing in Iraq and in other countries around the world.

Schools have been set up around the world (including the USA) where Muslims young and old are being indoctrinated into the tenets of Radical Fundamental Islam. This accounts for the rise in terrorism around the globe.
Similarities of Islam and Christianity.

1. Both believe in one God. Not many Gods.

2. Both believe that Abraham is significant in God speaking to us.
Differences between Islam and Christianity.

Islam Christianity
Allah (Arabic for God) Elohim (Hebrew for God)

Mohammed (final prophet) Jesus Christ the Son of God

Koran was given by Gabriel to Mohammed Bible was given by God through Holy Men (plural) of God over many centuries.

Ishmael Isaac

Salvation by works Salvation by Grace
Islam believes you become Muslim Christianity believes to
by confessing, “There is no God but become a Christian one
Allah and Mohammed is his Prophet.” must confess with the mouth Jesus Christ is Lord and believe with the heart that God has raised Him from the dead.
Goal: Create a Muslim world with Goal: Win the world to faith in Jesus by
The Koran as the rule of law by preaching the gospel of Christ.
compelling individuals by the edge
of the sword to become Muslim.

The Truth about Islam and Christianity

In Abraham shall all the families of Read Genesis 12:1-3
the earth be blessed.

God made a covenant with Abraham Read Genesis 15:5-7
promising that his seed would be more
than the stars in number.

Sarai Abram’s wife gets impatient and Read Genesis 16:1-4
convinces Abram to have a child with Hagar
who is Sarai’s bondmaiden.

When Hagar conceives the child from Read Genesis 16:5-11
the seed of Abram she begins to
despise Sarai. Then Sarai speaks to
Hagar harshly and the bondmaiden runs
away into the wilderness. While in the
wilderness the angel of the Lord informs
her that the child shall be a son and to call
his name Ishmael because the Lord heard
her in her affliction. Ishmael means the
Lord hath heard thee in thy affliction.

God also told Hagar that her son Ishmael Read Genesis 16:6-12 & 15
would be a wild man and his hand
would be against every man,
and every mans hand against him.
Abraham desired that God would allow Read Genesis 17:18-21
Ishmael to be the child of promise and
inherit the land.

God said that he would bless Ishmael
and multiply his seed but that He would
establish His covenant with Isaac.

Sarah noticed that Ishmael was mocking Read Genesis 21:9 21:12 and 13
Isaac. Again God tells Abraham that in
Isaac shall thy seed be called, which would be
the Hebrews then subsequently all
those who become Christian by faith
in Jesus Christ Who is the Promised Seed. Read Galatians 3:13-16

And God also said that he would make a Read Genesis 25:17 and 18
nation out of Ishmael which would be the
Arabs. They would dwell from Egypt to Assyria.

Ishmael could have settled anywhere and God
would have blessed him but he chose to dwell
close to Isaac and the children of Israel. Remember
that his nature was to remain close to his
brother and mock him.

We are seeing today the consequences of the impatience of Abraham with the fulfillment of the promise that God made to him through a covenant, that Abraham and Sarah would have a child of promise. What we are experiencing today in the Middle East is a continuation of the family feud that began centuries ago between two half brothers over the inheritance of their father Abraham. Today this fight has evolved throughout all the tribes of Israel who are the descendants of Isaac and the Arabs who are the descendants of Ishmael.

There is only one who will ever resolve this problem. This one is Jesus Christ and all the Biblical evidence is pointing towards His imminent return to the Mount of Olives in Israel to fight the final battle and win!

Family problems and family sins can bring consequences for generations. Only the Power of the Precious blood of Jesus Christ can break the curses of past generations in a family line.

Lesson: Don’t ever take God’s Plan into your own hands. You will create chaos, even disaster and 2nd best or worse in your life. There is a vast distance between God’s Best and 2nd best.

Today’s problem in the Middle East goes back to the promise given to Abraham’s seed. Who are the true heirs of Abraham are today? This generational problem is rooted in envy and jealousy.

Is Christianity and Islam compatible or reconcilable?

Fundamental Islam is a religion that was founded by a lone man who claimed to receive special information from the angel Gabriel concerning the inheritance of the land promised to Abraham.

They (The Muslims) acknowledge the teachings of Moses and of David and also of Jesus Christ, Jesus of Nazareth never taught any of His followers to kill or hurt anyone, but rather to love even enemies. He taught his followers to pray for those who despitefully use you.

When asked, Master, what is the great Commandment? Jesus answered and said, the First commandment is to love the Lord your God with all your heart, soul, mind, and strength.

He went on to say that the second Commandment was like unto the first, in that we should love our neighbors as we love ourselves. For on these two commandments hang all the Law and all the Prophets.

Mohammed and his extremist fundamentalist successors were and remain nothing more than gangsters. They are brutal barbarians who taught and still teach the followers of their extreme fundamental Islam that their God Allah commands them to conquer all the dogs, the infidels by maiming, killing or extorting, demanding monetary tribute from all who refuse to convert to their form of Islam.

Most of the countries that are steeped in this extreme fundamental form of Islam are filled with men who abuse and even torture their own women. That’s right. Their own mothers, aunts, daughters, nieces and sisters are subject to their extreme views concerning women. Mohammed himself stated that there would be more women in hell than men, because most women do not obey their husbands.

In contrast Jesus Christ teaches that men should love their wives like He, Jesus loves the church. The Lord Jesus never condoned either physical abuse or verbal abuse of anyone including women. In contrast to Mohammed He taught that women were to be loved, appreciated, provided for and protected by their own husbands.

Contrary to the teachings of Jesus (Isa) these extremist Muslims allow for what they call “Mercy Killings”. If one of their women are violated or raped then the family must be purged of the disgrace by one of the male family members killing the woman that has already been violated. This goes on today in many of the countries that have been under the influence of an extreme and fanatical form of Islam.

Jesus Christ when confronted by the Religious leaders of His day about a woman who was caught in the very act of adultery replied, “let he who is without sin cast the first stone.” Then after her accusers departed, he told the woman that her sins was forgiven and sent her on her way. He did not suggest a Mercy Killing.

Fanatical Fundamental Muslims persecute, torture, maim, behead and kill Christians, Hindus, Buddhists or any others, even Muslims who do not accept their radical and perverted interpretations of the Koran. And if they are not fighting others, they turn on their own kind in fulfillment of what God had said about Ishmael, “that his hand would be against his brothers.” (Genesis 16:6-12 & 15) We see this today in Iraq where the Shia are killing the Sunni’s and vice versa.

It has been this way since Isaac was born and Ishmael his older half brother began to openly mock him. God told Hagar his mother that he Ishmael, would be a wild ass of a man whose hand would be against his brother and his brother’s hand would be against him.

So what is the answer to this ongoing dilemma which began in the Middle East and is now being spread by Fundamental Islamic Terrorists through the entire globe?
The Personal Challenge to all people

First of all pray for the truth of the gospel of Jesus Christ to shine on these Fundamentalist followers of Mohammed so they may be set free from the bondage of the cycle of hate and murder which they have been taught by their religious leaders.

Pray that strong and wise Muslim leaders will rise up and openly take a stand against this Fundamental Extremism that threatens the very existence of civilized society.

If you are reading this take the challenge that for the next 21 days you will read a chapter of the gospel of John beginning with chapter one. Then after reading each chapter ask yourself, “Is Jesus really the Son of God? And if so can He really change my life?”

I will leave you with the following to think about:

Mohammed the prophet of Allah instituted the use of mercenaries to promote Islam by imposing their laws on others by maiming, killing or extorting by demanding monetary tribute to those who refused to conform to their extremist views.

Jesus Christ the Son of God instituted the use of missionaries to promote Christianity not by imposing a law by but sharing the truth of God’s love and grace. They did not maime they healed. They did not rob or demand monetary tribute but distributed to the necessity of the underprivileged.

Mohammed and his followers robbed Caravans and terrorized those whom they came into contact with.

Jesus Christ and his followers never robbed anyone but in contrast generously gave to others and even healed many that were sick and oppressed.

Let me state this truth. Christianity is not a religion! It is a way of life based on the acceptance of Jesus Christ as Lord who loves all people regardless of race, creed or nationality.

Jesus Christ stated that He was the way, the truth and the Life! Notice He did not say that He was the way, the truth and the religion! He did not come to establish another religion but a way of life wherein people may enjoy peace with the true God of the Universe.

Jesus taught His disciples to pray by addressing God as Father. This is the way the truth and the life that He spoke of. A life consisting of personal relations with God the Father filled with Grace, Mercy and Love toward Him as fellow man.

Jesus Christ said in Matthew 11:28-29:

“Come unto to me, all you that labor and are heavy laden, and I will give you rest. Take my yoke upon you, and learn of me; for I am meek and lowly in heart: and you shall find rest unto your souls. For my yoke is easy, and my burden is light.”

There is a vast chasm between True Christianity and Extremist Islam.

Like night and day or water and oil, the two views are not compatible in any way shape or form.

The God of Islam is a God of war, violence and intolerance. His name is Allah.

The God of Christianity is a God of Mercy, Grace, Peace, Healing and provision for all of mankind. His name is Elohim.

Christianity and Islam may believe in One God not many, and they may both believe that the Patriarch Abraham is an important Biblical figure. Both the followers of Christianity and Islam may believe that Moses was a prophet of God who wrote the first five books of the Bible. They may also believe that King David wrote many of the Psalms. They believe that Jesus Christ is a Prophet of God but they differ on many other points. Not the least of which is that Jesus Christ is the only begotten Son of the Living God.

Islam does not believe that Jesus was crucified and died for all the sins of mankind,
Islam denies that He was buried and after three days and nights in the grave He arose from the dead.

Islam denies that God raised Jesus from the dead.

However the truth is that after His crucifixion, death and burial He arose on the third day. Then after spending forty days in His resurrected body among many eyewitnesses, He ascended into heaven before the eyes of His disciples. In heaven He was highly exalted by His Father and sat down at the right hand of His Father God.

Jesus Christ sat down at the right hand of God because He had finished all the work that was needed to save the entire Human Race from an eternity in true torment of Hell. This includes all Races and Creeds both men and women and children.

Jesus Christ who was declared to be the “Agnes Dei” or Lamb of God by John the Baptist actually took away all the sins (past, present and future) of each and every person who ever lived or will ever live on this Planet. John the Baptist said, “Behold the Lamb of God that takes away the sins of the World.”

The Good News or Gospel is that all men from Adam have sinned and come short of the Glory of God. But Jesus Christ paid the price for all their sins and has opened wide the gates of Heaven so all who accept Him as Lord may enter into the Kingdom of God.

In the days ahead we will be hearing about many things concerning Islam and how it is not a religion that condones terrorism, killing or fighting in a Holy War or Jihad. But how can these Fundamental Islamist seriously separate themselves from the violent roots of their religion and the evident barbaric actions of not only their founder Mohammed, but of countless others who have proven themselves to be ruthless and mean towards any who do not accept both Allah and Mohammed?

I want to encourage you to investigate for yourself the historically recorded actions of Mohammed and his followers and also the historical facts pertaining to Jesus Christ and His followers in order to be equipped to form an educated opinion of your own concerning Radical Islam and true Christianity.
The following are some interesting facts concerning Israel and the Arabs:

For those who are not sure what CE and BCE means, it’s simple.

*BCE stands for Before Common Era, which is every year before the year 0.

**CE stands for Common Era which is after the year 0.

I know many are saying “before 0 is BC, and after 0 is AD”. But that is actually wrong, the origin of Common Era is not a plot to take Christ out of the calendar, but is really a way to keep him in. The BC/AD system came into play before the actual date of Christ’s birth was known. Due to the fact that Jesus was not born in the year 0, as previously thought there were two options. Change what year we were in at the time of discovery by 6 years, or create the Common Era system.

Because AD is “the year of our lord”, that would make 1 AD, actually 5 years before the year 0. So as I type this it is the year 2000 CE, or 2002 AD.


The Holy Bible (King James Version)

The Holy Qur’an

The History of The World

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