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The Kingdom Is Present and Future

The Kingdom Of God Is Present and Future

Attempts to see the Kingdom of God only as a future event are mostly the product of the late nineteenth century’s rise of the theology of dispensations. The Gospels tell us the Kingdom is to be sought in our lives (1), to be received now,that a man in Christ’s day could see it (2) and enter into it,(3) and that it is found among us.(4) Imposing a parenthetical “church age” into history to defer such references to an end-of-time eschatology millennium does not work, for Paul speaks of the Kingdom in the present tense.(5)

Other passages refer to the Kingdom as a progressive, developing fact. The Lord’s Prayer petitions “Thy kingdom come,”(6) whereas we are told that “the kingdom of God is come”(7) and that it is on earth and in heaven.(8) Many of the parables regarding the Kingdom describe it in terms of the growth of a seed, tree, or yeast that develops over a period of time.(9)

There is no denying that many references to the Kingdom are in the future as well. It is described as existing at the end of the world and after the final judgment.(10) The angelic messenger told Mary it would have “no end”(11)and the Epistles refer to it as “an everlasting kingdom”(12)that is “for ever and ever.”(13)

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