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Jesus Christ’s Main Purpose was to Usher in the Kingdom of God

As believers and followers of the Lord Jesus Christ we have been blessed by His great example to mankind during the days of His flesh when He became one of us and humbly walked amongst humanity.

During this period in history, Jesus of Nazareth, the Son of the living God was the perfect example of how God acts towards mankind. If we want to know how God would act in any situation, we need only to look to Jesus to learn about how He acted in His earthly life. This alone is wonderful to contemplate.

However, if we desire to know how mankind should act towards God, Jesus again provides the example in His manner of living in the Kingdom of God.

The main purpose of Jesus’ life was to illustrate to mankind a better way of living. He came to give us a life which is more than abundant in every sense, if we only will stop and learn from Him. He came to teach us about how to live in the Kingdom of God. He not only preached the gospel of the Kingdom, but He came to teach and show us “HOW” to practically live a Kingdom of God centered life every day.

Today as always the world is searching for the answers to the many things that continue to plague humanity. A few of these world problems are war, hunger, disease, racism, poverty, pollution, political solutions that work and much more. Not many would disagree with wanting to solve these dilemmas.

The Kingdom of God is the only remedy for our world today, and only those who will humble themselves will begin to learn of His ways of living in the Kingdom of God.

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